Case 1 - Presenting data

In the context of the current U.S. national discussion about reforms in health care policy and finance, find one or more data sets about Health in the U.S. or another country, or other countries. You could be investigating

Then illustrate your command of data summaries and displays by summarizing aspects of your data using:

You can use the same data for all the displays, if you are fortunate enough to find one that works for all, or you can use different data sets.

Presenting your work: You should try to use the displays and summary statements to tell interesting stories about what you see in the data that you would like to tell people about.

Perhaps some of the most interesting stories will be comparisons of data about the different states in the U.S., or comparisons of the U.S. with other countries.

Present each data summary or display with enough text to make its message clear to an intelligent reader who doesn't happen to know the material you are presenting. Include your full data set(s) in an appendix.

Some sources of data: You are free to choose data you find interesting from articles in magazines or journals, studies reported in books, data sets found on the Internet, newspapers, and so on. You might try the following web sites:

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